Hi, and welcome! I’m Angie, a mom to three very adorable kids. This blog has been inspired by my own journey with my children’s eating habits and health.

As modern mom’s we juggle a lot in a day, and by dinnertime, my goal was to make dinners that were as quick as possible. This consisted of frozen foods, anything with directions on the label (yes, lots of mac n’ cheese!), and if there were veggies, they came from a can. These easy-peasy dinners seemed great until I began to notice that the kids energy had really tanked and that we all were showing signs of weight gain. Seeing them exhausted all of the time led me to do some research and I came to the conclusion that the issue was that they weren’t receiving any nutrients from their foods- just empty calories. I knew we needed a change. Between work schedules, school, and the kids activities, our day-to-day was still going to be as busy as ever, and let me mention again, the kiddo’s are VERY picky eaters, so where do I start?

I needed help making real changes to my family’s health and eating habits and had no idea where to begin. Like everyone, I turned to the internet to do my research. There’s a plethora of great advise out there; all ranging from pediatricians, dietitians, and other blogging moms to just name a few. However, the hardest part wouldn’t be finding my way through the jungle of advise out there, it’s how to get those ideas from the plate into their tummies. So, I decided to create this blog to help myself and other parents “incorporate” work, kids, and healthy eating into daily life. At the end of the day every parent just wants their child to be happy and healthy. We all know that overall wellness, including a sense of well-being, is the secret sauce in helping your kids thrive.  We CAN do this! Here you can find health advice as well as fun, not-impossible ideas for helping kids eat well, stay fit, rest easy, and generally just feel good.

Thanks for stopping by, and please do return soon. If you have any comments or requests for topics to cover, let me know!