Nailed It! Your First Mother-Daughter Nail Salon Visit


I love a day of pampering as much as the next frazzled mom. When my daughter, Emma, asked to get her nails done for her 10th birthday, I thought “sure,why not?” . I couldn’t think of a better way to treat ourselves than heading out for a manicure in Yonkers. While even though I was excited, I had some concerns. When it comes to salons, kids are either loved or hated. I’ve heard horror stories about moms who brought their child in with them to a manicure and either got turned away at the door or glared at by staff and other patrons. Thankfully, when you want to have a day of pampering with your little princess, several salons in and around the Yonkers area offer some great kid-friendly places to dress up your digits together.

When you take your daughter to her first manicure, you want the experience to be filled with fun and not be not a recipe for disaster. To ensure your little girls first nail salon experience in will shine as brightly as her hot pink nails, polish up on these tips for your first mother-daughter salon visit.

Do Your Research: Take the steps necessary to ensure the experience is safe, including choosing a reputable Yonkers nail salon. One that follows safety regulations will always sterilize instruments in an autoclave and with an antiviral/antibacterial solution.

Call Ahead: Be sure to call ahead and verify that the nail salon you’ve picked has experience with kiddies

Keep It Simple: Do a nail filing and polish only. Pass on cuticle trimming, which can lead to small cuts that leave your child more susceptible to a bacterial infection.

I have been a long-time patron of the A&S Salon in Yonkers, for a few years now. Not only are they very professional and use high-quality products, they take keeping the space clean seriously. Every time I visit, it’s impeccable. As a busy mom, let me just say that having their own parking is a serious plus!

Everyone is so nice and are happy to accommodate mother-daughter appointments. They go above and beyond to provide a fun, relaxing, and exciting experience for young spa-goers. Staffed with licensed cosmetologists, they specializes in manis, pedis, mini-facials, and so much more, like party packages. You can customize a party package by choosing from a menu of cool services like hair chalk, temporary extensions with beads, manicures, braiding and facials.

Mother-daughter manicures have become a common bonding ritual. Like most of the girls I knew, I didn’t have my first manicure until I was in my late teens. However, that may be unusual today. Many girls have been to the spa at least once to get their nails done by the time they’re 8 years old. I see it as a nice and relaxing way to spend time together.


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