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Dental Assistant Career Options

become a dental assistant in Yonkers, New York

Are you considering a career in Dental Assisting? This is the career for you!

If you want to be a dental assistant there are several things you need to know. What kind of education will you need to be successful in your career as a dental assistant, what are the job responsibilities, and what does the future for the profession hold? These are all important questions to consider and it is wise that you research what it requires to become a dental assistant before you begin.

To become a dental assistant there are several ways to acquire your training. You can get on the job training in a dental office, or a high school work study program. Check with your high school to see if they offer this program. Many community colleges offer a training program for the dental assistant. The way most people get a job as a dental assistant would be to check into one of the 270 ADA dental assisting programs offered around the country. They are generally at least one year in length and offer the entire latest dental assisting curriculum. Your degree as a dental assistant will help your career in numerous ways. A degree is most assuredly worth the time and effort to obtain and offers a solid education in the field of dental assisting along with the opportunity for advancement.

What would your job responsibilities be as a dental assistant? You would be to assist dentists in many different phases of the dental procedures that your dentist offers to their patients. You would take x-rays of the patient’s mouth and unique dental issues. You would make sure to accurately scribe the patient’s medical history including taking blood pressure and pulse rates before a procedure to ensure the health and well being of your patient. You would be preparing medical instruments for the dentist making sure each set is properly sterilized and safe for each patient.

Dental assistants also may take impressions of patient’s teeth for study cases or dentures. You will also schedule appointments, answer telephones work with vendors in the ordering of dental supplies and generally help with all aspects of the day to day running of the dental office. Dental assistants also teach patients the way to obtain premium oral health care including the proper technique to brush floss and maintain their teeth.
Dental assistants are in high demand with a great future outlook for careers in the field of dental assisting. This career is challenging and rewarding with a good wage scale and benefits. The pay scale is similar to other health professionals with equal training such as a medical assistant. Flexible work schedules are also a benefit and working full time or part time is an option for most dental assistants. Check with your employer if full or part time is available at your particular office.

Working as a dental assistant is a people oriented position. You will have one on one contact with patients, vendors and a variety of people. If you are a people oriented person this is the career for you.